Wednesday January 23 , 2008


Today we started out with the same routine has many other days, wake up call at 7:00, bags out front at 8:00 and the bus was to leave by 8:30, but of course we’re always late, so didn’t exactly leave until after 8:30. We then started out driving, en route to Bursa. While along the way we tried to watch The Departed but it wouldn’t work, so instead we watched several episodes of The Office, which was really funny, I encourage everyone to see it at last once. At around 9:45 a.m. we ran into a traffic jam because a truck had flipped over and was blocking the road. While we were stuck there for forty five minutes everyone did a variety of different things, read, watched the Office, played twenty questions, took naps, etc. Finally, we were back to driving and after a couple of hours stopped for lunch in Bandirma, which smelled like fish, but we ate at this restaurant called Star Karadeniz Pide Salonu, it was really good. We all got a variety of different pida pizzas, meat and cheese, just cheese, just meat, or specialty. Before getting back on the bus we went to a bakery that was next door to the pita restaurant and got lots of different candies and bread and cookies. After a couple more hours we finally arrived in Bursa, also called the “Green Bursa” because it is a very fertile land and very green. Their industry is famous for French and Italian cars, along with silk, hot water springs, and candied chestnuts. The city was the capital for the Ottoman Empire. Before going to the hotel we went to see the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb, which were made for the Sultan Mehmed Celebi in 1421. We saw the Mosque, which was beautiful and the tiles were still the original tiles from when the Mosque was built; however the Tomb was closed for renovations. After we were finished in the Mosque we went shopping in the Silk House, which was just a big store; we were there for an hour and half, almost everyone bought presents. Shopping then concluded our day besides arriving at our hotel and having dinner. All in all we had another very fun and exciting day!

Heather Smith