Heather at Laodicea

Main Street at Laodicea

Theatre Mob

Neighboring Villiage

Calcium Cascading

Tomb Twins

Ruins at Heiropolis

Buried Twice

Jan Contemplating

Linda,Tina and Jan at Hieropolis

Roman and Byzantine Gates

Grace lifting her load

Linda lifting

Roman Baths

Roman Latrines,inside

Roman Latrines,outside

A view from inside

Mausoleums at

Airy Sarcophogus

Roman Arches

Becky rises at Arch

Hannah too

Sunny seat


The Mineral Water of Pamukkale

Sarah up to her knees

Jan's Calcium bath

Sarah wades at sunset


Jessica and Yucel playing Backgammon

The White Cliffs of Pamukkale at night